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Light Steel Rail

Specifications: 8Kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg, 22kg, 30kg, material 55Q, Q235 two, length of 5 meters -10 meters, and more for the mine roadway lines and factories and other venues transport, traffic hoisting equipment, the maximum load-bearing 10 Ton.




Light Steel Rail
Professional, Competitive Price And High Quality Service

Light Steel Rail
Light rail is mainly used for laying temporary transport lines and light locomotive lines in areas such as forests, mining areas, factories and construction sites.

Light Steel Rail

General Introduction

Light Steel Rail

Factory Direct

Advanced Design Concept

Sophisticated Production Equipment

The weight of light steel rail less than
or equal to 30kg per meter.The
quality requirements of light steel rai is
less than heavy rail, only test its chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness and drop hammer test.

Light Steel Rail

Product Advantages

Light Steel Rail


Product Available

Adhering to the business philosophy of "professional, competitive price and high quality service", brings more value to consumers, achieve practice close contact with our customers

Light Steel Rail


Strict Quality Control

The warehouse through the implementation of strict internal production management system, effectively eliminate unqualified goods, to ensure that high-quality goods shipped to customers in the hands.

Light Steel Rail


Adequate Supply

The company has large warehouses, adequate supply, complete types and specifications of light steel rail, convenient customers one-stop shopping.

Light Steel Rail

Product Manual

Light Steel Rail
15kg light steel rail plane curve radius between of 100 meters to 200 meters,The material of 15kg light steel rail is divided into 55Q / Q235B, production according to the standard of GB2585-81 / QB, high quality standards. 15kg light steel rail is used to lay the railway, medium-capacity passenger car in rail transit, can adapt to the long-term one-way peak hour traffic of 1.5-3 million passengers for the light rail. 15kg light steel rail can adapt to one-way peak hour 1-3 million passengers traffic.

Light Steel Rail

Coupling Parts

Light Steel Rail
Light Steel Rail
Coupling parts can be divided into joints connection parts and interte connection parts (fasteners)
Interface connection parts
Construction: connect the joints between light rail and light rail
Composition: fish plate, bolts, nuts, elastic washers.

Light Steel Rail

General parameter

Model Size(mm)A X B X C X D Weight(kg) Length(m)
5kg/m 50x44x22x4.5 5.3 6m,8m,10m
8kg/m 65x54x25x7 8.42 6m,8m,10m
9kg/m 63.5x63.5x32.1x5.9 8.94 6m,8m,10m
11kg/m 80.5x66x32x7 11.2 6m,8m,10m
12kgm 69.85x69.85x38.1x7.54 12.2 6m,8m,10m
15kg/m 79.37x79.37x42.86x8.33 15.2 6m,8m,10m
18kg/m 90x80x40x10 18.06 6m,8m,10m
22kg/m 22kg/m 22kg/m 6m,8m,10m
24kg/m 107x92x51x10.9 24.46 6m,8m,10m
30kg/m 107.95x107.95x60.33x12.30 30.1 6m,8m,10m

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