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Warmly Welcome Pakistani Businessmen To China Coal Group for Steel Plate and Railway Equipment

Date: 21/12/2017   View: 103  Tags: Pakistan Businessman Visit China Coal Group Railway Equipment

On the morning of December 21, Pakistan businessmen visited Shandong China Coal Group Industrial Park for visiting and inspecting railway equipmentpurchase and long-term cooperation. Li Zhenbo, Executive Deputy General Manager of China Coal Group, Tian Cong, Zhang Wen, Deputy General Manager of Group's Cross-border E-commerce Company, and other leaders warmly received the visiting merchants and entourages.

Warmly Welcome Pakistani Businessmen To China Coal Group for Steel Plate and Railway Equipment

Main products inspection and procurement by Pakistani merchants are steel plate and railway equipment. Accompanied by G.M Li and Tian, the merchants visited the intelligent equipment manufacturing workshop and intelligent product exhibition hall of China Coal Group, and carefully observed the production process of the equipment in the first scene of production and viewed the samples. The staff described and introduced in detail about product technical parameters. G.M Li said that the products manufactured by China Coal Group are of reliable quality, superior performance, complete technical parameters and perfect after-sale service. The products are sold well in 151 countries and regions all over the world and market share in the industry are far ahead!

Warmly Welcome Pakistani Businessmen To China Coal Group for Steel Plate and Railway Equipment

Through a comprehensive field visit of our group's equipment manufacturing capability, production technology research and development, and product qualification, Pakistani merchants fully affirmed our group's strength in equipment manufacturing and technology research and development. The merchants said that China Coal Group popularity in overseas market is very high, strong overall strength of equipment manufacturing and excellent product quality deserves our trust. Subsequently, the two sides conducted an in-depth discussion on the relevant issues of equipment procurement and successfully reached cooperation.

Warmly Welcome Pakistani Businessmen To China Coal Group for Steel Plate and Railway Equipment

As a large-scale, multi-industry and diversified enterprise, Shandong China Coal Group has been actively involved in the construction of global railways. With its first-class product quality and customer-oriented service attitude, Shandong China Coal Group has established the brand of China Coal in the world. High quality steel and railway equipment that produced by China Coal Group are soldto Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan and other countries and regions for many times, making a positive contribution to the development of the country's "One Belt, One Road". In 2018, China Coal Group will uphold the development concept of "credibility is life, quality of survival", increase research and development strength of new products, produce more high quality products and serve the innovation and development of global railway projects with the highest quality products, make China Coal products and services world-renowned!

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